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Male Tattoo as a Cultural Phenomenon

Male Tattoo as a Cultural Phenomenon

„If you do not think you have a strong enough character to wear a tattoo, do not get one. But do not try to make excuses for yourself why you did not do it by condemning those who were brave enough to tie up. " Ironically or not, was deeply influenced bythe culture...

Ancient Symbolism of the Magic Phoenix

Ancient Symbolism of the Magic Phoenix

The phoenix symbolism is just like a bird itself, dies and is reborn through different cultures during different periods of time. The legend from ancient times depicts the concept of a mystical bird. She is brilliant and glittering and lives a few hundred years before...

Best Tattooing Ideas for Ever

Large colection beautifull tattoo for women on our gallery. You can send us your tattoo to which you are proud, it just has to be unique that it was not published before.

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Most Popular Tattoo for Man and Women

Looking our most popular tattoo for women and man!